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Launch Day - Sex Toys for All Bodies!


Hello Darlings!

So, the day that we’ve been waiting for so long is finally here - Validity is officially open to assist you in your pursuit of pleasure!

It’s no secret that there are a number of devices that can enhance sexual experience. You probably wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t aware of how earth-shattering a vibrator, dildo or other sex toy can be….or perhaps you’re curious to explore. (Newbies always welcome - I will teach you!) The problem with the way sex toys are currently designed, packaged and marketed is that they generally (with a couple exceptions) focus solely on thin, young, fully-able, and cis**-bodies. Those that are fat, older, disabled and trans* seem to get left off the sex toy party guest list.

Consider Validity your invitation.

Each & every person deserves to have their needs considered and met. In choosing the products I’m selling, I focused on how their design might be beneficial to bodies that are typically ignored. For example, there are a number of toys that I chose specifically because they could be helpful for someone with limited reach or motor function in their hands, such as:

The Share by Fun Factory

The Share, while designed to be a strapless strap-on, can be great for those with motor function & reach issues because it basically has a built-in handle. You could even flip it around and discover different sensations for you or your partner because the other end is shaped differently. It also comes in a smaller & larger size. Imagine the possibilities!

Another example is:

The Liberator Plus Size Wedge. This piece of gear is AMAZING. It helps you & your partner get into a variety of positions. Imagine being in missionary with the bottom partner’s hips lifted to the *perfect* angle and height to take the stress off the backs, hips and thighs of both parties. Having to keep changing positions when close to orgasm can really kill the mood. With this, you can put all of your focus on the pleasure of sex without the distraction of trying to come before your limbs give out. It can be paired with the Liberator Plus Size Ramp, or purchased together as the Wedge/Ramp combo. The combo in particular is one of Validity’s featured products because it creates a plethora of position options. These items were specifically designed for large and super sized bodies, so you can get your sex on knowing that these were designed to hold ALL (both weight & width) of your glorious body.

These are just two of my favorite examples, but you’ll find loads more over in the store. New things are always being added, so make sure to sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of our website. Sex info and coupons in your inbox. Score!

One more thing to get excited about is that Validity isn’t *just* about sex toys. It’s also about helping people feel valid in their own bodies. This is where you get to be involved and make Validity into the resource our community deserves. There are two direct ways to do this. First is to ask a sex question on the Ask Rachel page. I will be answering questions both on here and in the discussion forum Valid Questions, which is the second way for you to get involved. There we will discuss issues around having a non-‘ideal’ body and sex. I hope to see there.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on the message board soon.


~Rachel x

Ps, One other thing you can do to boost the message that All Bodies Deserve Pleasure is like our Facebook Page & check out the ‘Giveaway’ tab to be entered into the raffle for a $100 validity gift card (Drawing Saturday 10/18)

**For those concerned about use of the term ‘cis-‘ in this post, I realize it was not used quite accurately. I just wanted to say that this term, and many other things around gender & biology will be addressed here in the future. Watch this space :-]

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