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All bodies deserve pleasure. Including yours.

Validity aims to help people pursue pleasure by creating a space where people of all body sizes, abilities, ages and body parts can get quality products and information from a degreed sexologist. Validity isn’t just about sex. Pleasure is linked to many aspects of our lives, such as self-esteem, self-care and having access to services that accommodate the needs of our minds and bodies. If someone isn’t practicing self-care or doesn’t feel very good about their body, then it is less likely that sexual experiences will happen or be as fulfilling as they could be.
 Project addressing these topics are in the works.

I created Validity to help change that. My name is Rachel Dwight and I have a Masters of Education in Human Sexuality Education. I’m part of the fat, queer and disabled communities and have loads of passion for helping people have better sex. I see the difficulties that people in minority communities have to deal with when it comes to fulfilling their sexual needs. With a few exceptions here or there, if you aren’t young, thin, cisgender and fully able-bodied, popular culture dictates that you be shunned from the conversation. This sex store is different.

What you will find here:

  • Acknowledgment that all bodies are unique and receive pleasure in their own, individual way.
  • Sex gear chosen for people of all bodies and physical abilities.
  • A Judgment Free place to ask questions -> Ask Rachel
  • Quality products that are body safe. Meaning that they are free from materials that can harm your body.
  • Acknowledgement that some of the packaging is problematic in that they have gender labels and model-standard bodies.
  • The support of a trained sexologist that really wants you to have good sex.
  • A commitment to listening to the needs of the communities I serve so that I can support them in the best way possible.

I look forward to assisting you in your pursuit of pleasure.




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