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1-on-1 sessions

Validity is all about legitimizing the idea that ALL Bodies Deserve Pleasure. Sometimes we need guidance in our pursuits of pleasure because our culture is sex-negative in general and particularly shaming to bodies that don’t fit the ‘norm’. I offer sex and body-love sessions to individuals over the phone or video to support people in identifying and working to address their needs .


Things I can support you in:


·      Finding sex gear that works for your body.

·      Fining sexual positions that work for you solo, or you and your partner’s bodies together.

·      Creating solutions to any physical barriers that impede your sexual pleasure.

·      Finding the words to talk to a partner about your sexual needs.

·      Learning ways of implementing self-care and self-love. If you like and care for your body, you are more likely to have good sex.


If you could use support in any of these areas, sign up for a complimentary 30-minute discovery session to see if Sex & Body Love Coaching with me is the right thing for you.


Email me at Rachel@validityintiative,

or visit the Contact Page to set up a Discovery Session


About Rachel:




[Photo shows a fat white person sitting behind two vendor tables with a Validity banner above her. One table displays sex toys while the other has books, magnetic poetry, sicky notes and a special offer display board.]


I have a Masters of Education in Human Sexuality.  I’m also a fat, queer, disabled, non-binary person that has seen how the dismissal and shaming of marginalized bodies hurts not just people’s sex lives, but also their hearts. Every single person deserves dignity and respect, including when it comes to sex. I’m here to offer judgment-free knowledge and support so that you can experience your sexuality, sensuality and fulfill your need for intimacy in the way that is in line with your desires. I’m happy to discuss any concerns you have in a discovery session, which you can book here, or please email me: Rachel@validityinitiative.com Thank you for your interest and I look forward to talking with you soon!




I believe that once we have a our discovery session, you will see the value in what I’m offering and that investing in your own self-love is one of the best things you can do for your wellbeing.


After we complete a discovery session, my packages are as follows:


Little Bit of (Self)Love:


This package is for people who have one or two specific issues they would love to be supported in, such as the mechanics of sex or talking about a specific  desire with a partner. Sometimes a little support and exploration on one thing can help everything slide into place. If this sounds like the kind of support you would love at this point, sign up for this session and email package.


1, 55-minute session plus email follow up for any questions.


Strengthening Your Foundation:


Has your sex life been okay, but not great? Quality sex isn’t just about being turned on and having the right vibrator, it is inherently connected to liking and appreciating your body. If self-love is not an active part of the picture, you may be less able to let go and enjoy the vulnerability and connection that sex can create. I will  support you in discovering and practicing ways to really appreciate your body’s inherent awesomeness as is it, right now. This package is great for people currently having sex with a partner and those flying solo! In fact, being intimate with just yourself is a great time to work on body love.


This package includes 6, 55-minute sessions, twice a month, with email support in between. 3 months of Support.


Sex and Self-Love Maintenance:


Sometimes we need more in-depth support in learning how to love and appreciate ourselves. With how stressful, complicated and shaming our culture is, it makes sense that a person’s sex life might not be all they want it to be. This program encourages you to dive in. We will  use practical strategies and self-love to make your sexual satisfaction be what you want it to be. You can transform the sex and self-love aspects of your life to not only keep you sexually satisfied, but also foster growth in other aspects of your life because you’ll like and appreciate yourself more.


12, 55-minuite sessions. We meet twice monthly, with email support in between. 6 months of support.




What payment do you take?


I take both credit card and paypal. After our discovery session and we decide on a path forward, I will send you an invoice.


How are payments scheduled?


They are in relation to when our first session will occur. The first monthly payment must be made before our first full session & subsequent payments will be due on the same date each month.  For the smallest package – Little Bit of (Self)Love, there is only one payment. Alternately, the multi-session packages can be paid for up-front for a 10% discount.


If I sign up for a payment plan, what am I agreeing to?


If you decide to invest in a longer-term program, I will send you a contract based on our discovery session for you to look over and for both of us to sign. I’m open to making an individualized plan to support you best.

Why can't I book all the services you list here?

I feel it is important for clients to see how I work and if they jive with me before they commit to working with me. During their Discovery Session, clients decide what package would be right for them, then they will be sent an invoice and the ability to book future sessions.


Harley in Oakland, CA - I reached out to Rachel to get support in exploring my sexual desires and the toys and body anatomy secrets that could help bring my sex life (solo and partnered) to the next level! Rachel made me feel safe and listened-to throughout our entire session. Her passion, personal story and supportive nature really helped me experience a uniquely judgment-free space.


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